Bert Slagt – Polo Thrills

Imagination, the ability to observe and blessed with a certain talent make Bert Slagt a Dutch Art painter with potential. Being an autodidact he studied the various techniques of the art craftsmanship both in skillful using the artist’s instruments and mediums as well as in understanding the development of art streams in general. As a result he developed his own natural way of creating art and not surprisingly you’ll probably find his work one of a kind. The various styles he uses are well chosen through a constant search for change, both in subjects as in use of technique. Predominantly using acrylics and oil paint, he is playing with contrast and colors. The binding factor throughout his oeuvre might well be “the playing with light”. The diversity of his work resembles a true representation of himself.

Today Bert Slagt explores the thrilling world of the Equestrian Sport. At a very young age he already was obsessed with the noble horse, producing many small drawings of the breed. Only recently in 2012 he caught up with one of his favorite animals. With the theme “Polo thrills”, the Amsterdam born (1953) artist is starting to create a special collection of horse riding art. Characteristic for these series are the dynamics and power of the horses and riders exhilarating from the canvas. The chosen style is loose but firm and it is obvious that the art is drawn from his heart.

Geraldine had the opportunity to gain a small but interesting collection of acrylic art studies by Bert Slagt. Identified at first merely as studies, they rather turned out to be complete works of art, the collection is a welcome asset to the Startwarehouse interest.

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